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Today, ice covers an area that was barren 100 years ago.

In late 2013, an expedition set out to prove and demonstrate man-made climate change (MMCC).  It's ship, an ice breaker, became locked in a massive and growing ice formation right where they had planned to find melting ice & drowning polar bears and penguins.

Opportunity Lost
Climate change advocates should be shouting that THIS record cold spell is a product of man-made climate change!!!!!!!!!  The climate is changing!!!!!  The climate really IS changing!!!!!

The common-man, those man-in-the-street fools who believe because they know no better, would not dare argue with the Man-Made Climate Change (MMCC) charlatans.  Certainly not when they are feeling so cold.  Record temperatures in many locations could be presented as indicators validating MMCC.  Strike up the Fear-Monger Band and proclaim that the climate has changed or, at least, is changing.  Additional proof of MMCC is the new technical term -- a whole new scary name for our new weather condition: "polar vortex."

Any truly competent MMCC con man could spin this polar vortex thingie to shock & scare the ignorant masses into believing that this extreme cold truly verifies their interpretation of MMCC and the impending danger, destruction and death.

But, no.  The self-serving MMCC advocates are totally devoid of genuine scientific understanding.  They -- foolishly -- majored in Political Science in college and shunned real science classes.  They are mere artificial scientists.

Their silence during this wide-spread, record-setting cold spell demonstrates that fact.  They are not even good grifters.

Climate Confusion -- Analysis
Epiphanies and the scientific method combine to further clear the air.
Rain's Reign Of Terror
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